Tea Cup Gin has been thrilled to be commissioned by the folks at OZY to write some custom theme songs for their amazing chart-topping podcasts, including “THE THREAD“, and their NEWEST series “FLASHBACK“–  created by uber-talented OZY Senior Writer  SEAN BRASWELL.

FLASHBACK explores fascinating examples of unexpected twists and unintended consequences leading up to key historical events– from angles that you never learned in your history classes!  Our latest Tea Cup Gin tune accompanies an episode of FLASHBACK that explores the surprising backstory of two Supreme Court decisions that became the bedrock for privacy rights in general, and women’s reproductive rights in particular— Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade.   Check out our TCG theme song here, and see below for more details!   It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but we had a blast writing it…

  “The Laws Came Tumblin’ Down” 


Click PDF for Lyrics

See Sean Braswell’s deeper inside look at the backstory here:


Find this interesting?    You can catch the latest episodes of Ozy’s FLASHBACK podcast series airing  Summer 2020 on iHeart Radio and Apple Podcasts for more unbelievable tales with unexpected connections.   


Last year, Tea Cup Gin was also super-psyched to be asked to write a theme song that would fit the entire season of Ozy’s smash hit podcast “THE THREAD”, which had more than 10 million streams on Apple Podcasts, and was an Annual Webby Awards finalist!   Season 5 of Ozy’s The Thread is entitled “Let Us Play,” and explores the hidden stories behind the greatest women’s teams in American sports history, including the many unexpected backstories that ultimately converged in the US Womens National Team’s thrilling victory in the 1999 Womens’ World Cup. 

We hope you enjoy this video montage that TEA CUP GIN put together to accompany our THEME SONG to The Thread’s 5th season:  

“Let Us Play”

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